USDA Rural Development for the Crossroads Farmers Market

Mississippi Delta Southern Rural Black Women in Agriculture and the Mississippi Delta Council for Farm Worker Opportunities, Inc. Announce a Value Added Producer Grant by USDA Rural Development and the Grand Opening of the MDC/FWOI Farmers Market

MS Delta SRBWI and MDC/FWOI are collaborating initiatives in the MS Delta to develop a regional food hub that engages low wealth, beginning, and minority farmers and agricultural workers in adding value to locally grown produce, developing new products, and creating jobs and economic security.

MS Delta SRBWIA is one of 110 grants made by USDA Rural Development to agriculture producers and rural businesses. MS Delta SRBWIA and MDC/FWOI are working together to make healthy food choices available in food desert communities.

“The USDA Value Producer Grant will benefit rural families and communities where our members and growers are located,” MS Delta SRBWIA Vice President, Bobbie Miller said.  “This award will advance USDA’s goals to enhance local economies and support local and regional food systems.” A cooperative business managed and operated by women farmers and entrepreneurs, MS SRBWIA is the single awardee selected in Mississippi for this year’s USDA Rural Development Value Added Producer Grant.

Don Green, Executive Director, Mississippi Delta Council/FWOI, said, “Working together, we can improve our rural economy by supporting local food producers in their efforts to make, grow, and market healthier food.” He also announced the launch of MDC/FWOI Crossroads Farmers Market, located at 1536 Desoto Ave. Clarksdale, MS and supported in part by USDA Farmers Market Promotion Program.

Representatives from Congressman Bennie Thompson’s office, USDA Rural Development, local and state officials, along with the cooperative’s member farmers and market vendors, will be present at the announcement.

Mississippi Delta Southern Rural Black Women in agriculture, AAL (MS Delta SRBWIA) is membership based and operated by rural delta women whose family history has included growing produce as a way of life. MS Delta SRBWIA is part of the Southern Rural Black Women’s Initiative for Economic and Social Justice, a project of Children’s Defense Fund-Southern Office.

Mississippi Delta Council for Farm Worker Opportunities, Inc (MDC/FWOI) was organized in 1971 as a private non-profit corporation chartered to operate programs to assist migrants and seasonal farm workers in the state. Its two primary objectives are: to help farm workers seek alternatives to agricultural labor; and to improve the agricultural lifestyle of those who wish to remain in agriculture.

For more information, contact Don Green (662) 627-1121 [email protected]


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