Our Market


Crossroads Farmers Market


Crossroads Farmers Market offers a farmers market, on-site cold storage for producers/vendors, a business resource center for small family and limited-resource farms, and community events promoting healthy food choices and local agriculture. In our area, which is considered a rural food desert with low supermarket access, we are working to bring more fresh, low-pesticide, locally-grown, and direct farm to consumer produce & products.

Chemical free Mississippi Delta Grown fruits and vegetables Fridays and Saturdays during the summer.

Our Logo


The market logo refers to local family farmers bringing fresh and local product to the Mississippi Delta. It puts the emphasis squarely on the farm workers who produce and bring local product to consumers. The tagline, A Project of Mississippi Delta Council, recognizes the market’s host institution and its long-standing commitment to opening access, promoting opportunity, and connecting to community. The green colors remind us of fresh and healthy foods. Sharp observers will note that the wheels refer to a favorite regional vegetable, okra. We invite you to join us in our market work, as a vendor, sponsor, or customer.

Host Organization

Crossroads Farmers Market is a project of the Mississippi Delta Council for Farm Worker Opportunities (MDCFWO). Established in the early 1970s during a wave of anti-poverty and farm organizing, over time MDCFWO has developed linkages and relationships with major employers, small business owners, family farmers, community and faith-based organizations, educational institutions, and workforce agencies.


Today, Mississippi Delta Council works with seasonal and migrant farm workers, their families, and other low-income people in the Mississippi Delta on employment and entrepreneurship. The board and staff are area residents and include farm owners, operators, and seasonal workers. It serve the entire state of Mississippi, focusing service in the 39 counties in the Delta and semi-Delta. Over its history, it has provided more than 58,000 people with employment training and support services.