News Notes

• In February, MDCFWOI helped approximately 10 producers apply and become approved for NAP (Noninsured Crop Disaster Insurance), Federal insurance managed by the USDA Farm Services Agency system that covers vegetable and other crops for limited-resource farmers.

• MDCFWOI is helping qualifying farmers in our network, including those producing on “backyard farms,” to obtain hoop houses, irrigation, the NAP insurance, and conservation credits. These supports can increase yield and lower the risk and cost of small-scale produce farming.

• MDCFWOI now has three trucks, including two with refrigeration. In the 2014 season and beyond, we will be able to pick up produce from our vendors; take it to the processing plan in Marks for washing, freezing and packing; and then bring it back to the MDC warehouse for walk-in cold or refrigerated storage. The resulting system will make it easier for farmers to focus on growing while MDC manages processing and sell at higher volume to institutional customers, such as school districts and the Head Start network.

Contact MDCFWOI and ask for Sam McCray for more information.

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