Making Dinner Affordably


A story in this morning’s Washington Post newspaper featured the test kitchen at the Capital Area Food Bank. At their warehouse,

“A chef had accepted the challenge to conjure nutritious meals from some of the food bank’s most popular items — dishes that required less than $8 to feed four.

“You can’t get to healthy without delicious,” Kate Sherwood, the executive chef at the Center for Science in the Public Interest, told the group.

If the group liked the dish, the recipe would be placed in an online database, as well as printed in English and Spanish on cards distributed at more than 500 social service agencies around the region. They’d be handed out at cash registers and tucked in bags of donated food in hopes that children would prefer the healthy meals over pizza and fast food.”

Here’s the link to the  healthy, affordable, uncomplicated recipes the food bank has collected so far. Inspiring! Here’s what ‘s for dinner tonight: Roasted Vegetable Pasta aka Pasta con verduras asadas.

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