Looking ahead into 2016

The past year has been an active one for our organization. This year, we hope to do more!

MDCFWOI has its sights on plans that will lead toward greater economic opportunity and resiliency among people in the Mississippi Delta.

Programs: In 2016, MDCFWOI plans to add a mobile market to the farmers market and an on-site cold storage for producers and vendors and a business resource center for small family and limited-resource farms. In addition, we have secured funding from USDA Rural Development to do a modest build out and install vegetable processing equipment for Southern Rural Black Women’s Initiative Women in Agriculture Cooperative, which plans to prepare bake-able frozen sweet potato fries for farm-to-school sales. We have secured funding over three years for Delta FarmStart, a Beginning Farmer Rancher Program funded by USDA. In addition, MDCFWOI’s traditional core work in job training and placement will continue to support low-income residents throughout the Mississippi Delta.

Funding: MDCFWOI is working with DRA Resources (York, PA and Tucson, AZ) and ChangeMatters (Takoma Park, MD) to expand the funding base, as well as to improve impact evaluation and strengthen organizational capacity.

We are also working on ways to connect and combine several of our older programs with our upcoming ones to generate the highest number of income possible for our farmers and vendors. High school and Job Corps program young adults are teaming up to become successful growers and will be assisting Crossroads Farmers Market vendors reach a wider clientele base. In return, our farmers will teach these up-and-coming farmers valuable hands-on skills along with mentoring them to become successful in agriculture.


Miss Marilyn's Hoop House

Ms. Williams’ Hoop House near Tunica, MS

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