What’s in Season



Mississippi Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables
Exact crop availability will vary year-to-year, but this guide will give you a sense of what to expect at Mississippi farmers markets and farm stands:

Appleslate June through early October (cold storage until spring)

AsparagusMarch through June

BasilMay through October

BeetsApril through July (available from storage year-round)

Blueberrieslate May through early August

Broccolilate May through early August

Cabbagelate April through early July

CantaloupesJune through September


CauliflowerMarch through June

Chicoriesfall and winter

ChilesJune through October

Cornlate May through August

Cucumberslate May through early November

Eggplantlate May through early October

Fava beansFebruary through May

FennelOctober through April

Garlicharvested in June (cured and stored year-round)

Green beanslate May through early November

Green onions/scallionsJanuary through June

GreensOctober through June


LeeksApril through August

LettuceMarch through early July

Melonslate June through September

Nectarineslate May through early September

New PotatoesMay

OkraJune through October

Onionslate April through early November (available from storage year-round)

ParsnipsNovember through March

Peacheslate May through early September

PearsAugust through November

Pea greensMarch through May

PeanutsMay through August

Peas & Pea Podslate April through early July


Peppers (sweet)June through October

Plums & pluotsJuly and August

Potatoeslate May through August (available from storage year-round)

Pumpkinslate September through early November

RadishesMarch through June

RaspberriesJune and July

RhubarbFebruary through May

Rutabagaslate September through early December

ShallotsJune and July (available from storage year-round)

Shelling beansJuly through November

Snap peas/snow peas/pea pods  – late April through early July


Spinachlate March through early July

Squash – late April through September

Strawberrieslate March through early July

Sweet potatoesharvested July through November (available from storage year-round)

TomatoesJune through October

TurnipsJanuary through April

WatermelonsJune through September

Winter Squashlate August through December

Zucchinilate April through September

** Adapted from About.com Guide by Molly Watson