Symptoms Of Autism In Children You Can Learn To Recognize Them

Autism is on the rise simply because the numbers of diagnoses have been greater over the years. Not all symptoms of autism mean your child is autistic because the symptoms are seen in other conditions, so the best course is to have a professional diagnosis performed by a specialist. While autism cannot usually be cured, many of it's symptoms can be managed.

The first symptom we'll discuss is failure to imitate It's important to realize that this, like many symptoms of autism, can also be due to other causes.

It never hurts at all to speak with a medical professional if you have any doubts. Not every child with autism will but some do, bang their heads, hit themselves or play with dangerous objects. In general. autistic people have a hard time using language to communicate. Other symptoms are very high sensitivity to sensory input such as sound, light, and others. Also, there are times in some autistic people that this behavior can be harmful, and in such people sometimes medication is required for the violent behavior.

There is a form of autism, called Asperger's Syndrome, that doesn't prevent those with it from functioning in society. It's a sign of childhood, and kids, to be highly imaginative and engage in acting and role playing with others. What you will see, however, is the child possibly movind in a certain manner, or playing with particular objects or just looking at them

There certainly have been times when an autistic child is thought to be deaf, but it's just either a misdiagnosis or the child has not yet been diagnosed, yet. Considered eccentric, those with Asperger's are able to hold jobs and communicate with others although they may display symptoms of more sever autism such as lack of eye contact and normal facial expressions. Autism is not completely understood, and there are vigorous debates about its causes. It's true that much research has been performed, and is still ongoing, and of course more needs to be done so it can be more fully understood

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