The Undeniable Truth About Tretinoin Cream For Stretch Marks That You Must Read

If you ask most dermatologists for topical cream for stretch marks, most likely they would recommend Retin-A. The only way you can acquire it is through a doctor's prescription. For new stretch marks, 0.1% tretinoin gives better results.

Certain quarters are not happy with Retin-A. This is probably due to its side effects. Other stories that you may come across is that Retin-A does not work.

Well, it is not shocking to know that many people decide not to pursue further with this tretinoin cream after awhile.

Lack of product knowledge is where the real problem lies. You cannot blame the product 100%. There needs to be more understanding about Retin-A among its users.

Side effects from Retin-A is common. If you see a little redness and your skin peels, don't panic. That happens with Retin-A. Obviously your first reaction when these side effects surface is to stop using it.

You wouldn't be overly concerned if you knew it was going to happen and had been informed by your dermatologist. This problem will not last long and you should see it symptoms let up not long after. When you do exfoliation, this is usually how the skin reacts. Retin-A helps to shed off your skin's top most layer. You see you can't avoid redness as the skin now reveals a fresher layer.

Because of the nature of the acid, your skin tends to get dry. What you need to do is apply a good moisturizer after using Retin-A to stop skin from flaking.

Most people stop using Retin-A for stretch marks when they don't see results. You should wait a bit longer. Basically, it takes up to 24 weeks to see results.

Another problem with most people is that they tend to be smart. They think that using more in terms of quantity and frequency will do the trick. They think by doing so it will solve their problem quickly. Unfortunately, the impatience may lead to devastating outcomes. Choosing to disobey your dermatologist instructions may do more damage than good to your skin.

For any good thing to happen from the stretch mark treatment, patience is the most important thing. Just follow the direction recommended by your doctor. Deep scarring will take some time to heal. Face it! There is no quick result. Don't abandon your Retin-A treatment too early. It needs time and it is to your advantage to give it that.

Tretinoin cream is more effective than vitamin A. By removing the outermost layer of the surface of the skin, it can penetrate deep beneath the epidermis. It starts the healing process by increasing the amount of collagen that is being produced, thereby strengthening the skin's supporting matrix. The new collagen will cause the dermis to appear as if it has been plumped. This explains the reduced appearance of your stretch marks.

Although side effects are expected, it should not go on for a long time. You should quit if it does. Bring the problem up with your doctor and see what he says. He may have you try another treatment.

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