Basic Guide In Buying Different Types Of Hand Pumps

For people who love camping and you have a camper van the lever type hand pump comes very handy. These kinds of pumps can be easily mounted on top of the counter-top. Transferring a water from any container can be done by moving the lever arm back and forth. Ideally suited for outdoors like camping, it can be installed directly on top of a portable kitchen sink. Installing it can be done using two pieces of screws and can be attached to a water faucet using a standard garden hose. One advantage of using this type of water pump is that it is self priming which means you can use it directly without priming it first.

Some type of hand pump is used for marine or boating application. People call this type of pump as bilge pump. It is perfect for for removing splash water accumulated at the bottom of small boats and also for draining stagnant water from any container. It is very similar to an air pump used in bicycle tires. Just put the bottom part of the pump to the water to be transferred and the outlet hose to where you want to purge the water and begin pumping. Made from high quality rust resistant plastic, it is very tough and easy to operate. You'll be able to pump large volume of water with it in small amount of time. The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to store them in your garage until you finally needs them.

If you need a manually operated pump for use in deep well pumping then the pitcher pump is what you need. Used mostly in remote provinces where there's no available electricity. Made of heavy duty cast iron body with a long lever arm it can pump water only bu using muscle power. Because of its heavy weight it must be bolted to the ground before you can use it. Use it with one hand or both if you're in a hurry and fill up a four gallon container in seconds.

There are new pumps being made to replace pitcher pumps but many still use them specially in third world countries. The new pump is made of a rust resistant stainless steel body which is lighter than cast iron. The new pump has the same capacity and looks almost the same as the old one except for the size.

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