How To Find The Right Self Sun Tanning Product

There are many ways you can get a tan nowadays. Most people dislike those tanning salons either because of the expense and fake tan look that you get from them. Not everyone lives near a beach, or has time for the beach, or going to a salon to bask in the UV glory This article has several solid tips and hints to share if you're thinking about getting the "quick tan," and we hope to point you in the right direction.

First, consider your skin type. You and your best friend will each get different results from the same self tanning products based solely on your skin types The products come in all shapes and sizes such as powders, cream, spray applications, and lotions. If you want to maintain the best results, then you'll have to use these self tanning lotions every day - and some people may not like that. Keep in mind that we've been discussing products that will give you a gradual tan, not instant - like paint. The effectiveness and results are largely determined by the active ingredients of any self tanning product. The process needs to be properly so you get the best results. There is one ingredient to look for, DHA, and many people feel they have the best results with it.

If you don't let it dry all the way, there is the chance your skin could turn out something truly funky and embarrassing You may not like the way it looks, you may have used too much, or there may be runs in certain areas that you want to clean up That way, if you discover you have a sensitivity to a particular chemical used in the product, then you'll find out quick enough but it won't be all over your body. The side effects of canthaxanthin are not worth the potential benefit.

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