A Few Reasons Why Buying Business Cards On The Cheap Isn't Always The Best Choice For You

85mm x 55mm is a standard size for business cards. 250gsm business card board is a low-cost alternative offered by suppliers of cheap business cards.

Thin 400gsm is currently the top of the range with 350gsm being an acceptable runner-up. Most printers realise how important your brand is to you so will offer 400gsm as their basic card.

The quality offered by different business card suppliers can vary wildly. Buying cheap business cards has the potential for things to go not as planned.

Even with the top printing companies, there are processing issues that can arise.

If colours are not handled correctly on press, this can lead to unsightly errors.

Ink, when not applied correctly can cause your job to look pretty awful.

Incorrectly aligned cards on the printing press will cause problems at the trimming stage. The problem will definitely show on some, if not all of the cards when you receive them.

Using the wrong spot colour for a job can be disastrous.

It's imperative the guillotining is done accurately, as the slightest wrong cut will often ruin a nicely printed job.

Not allowing business cards to finish the drying process when in a rush will spoil a job in most cases.

As the chances of something going wrong are high, it's important the company you choose to do your printing has all bases covered. Don't spend a penny until you're happy your print supplier is the correct one for the job.

Getting the best supplier for your needs is the hard part, however once you do find them keep your business with them. Switching from one printer to another, chasing the cheapest price for your business cards will probably end in tears! Remember, the cheaper the price the more corner cutting will need to take place.

Even paying top dollar doesn't always guarantee a successful relationship.

Many printers go out of business for selling too cheaply, meaning you have to start the whole buying process again with someone you don't know.` The poor old client who thought he was getting a great deal is now faced with paying a realistic price.

Another often overlooked problem is your printer, once gaining you as a client, pushing up prices to try and gain back what's been lost in the early print orders. If prices don't cover costs, then your preferred printer may not be around too long.

If your printer is a cost-cutter then something has to give, and far too often it's quality. Quality control is an essential ingredient of a professional print service. If your cheap business cards have been produced under cost, they're unlikely to have been through a rigorous quality control procedure.

Watch out for seemingly cheap business card printers who raise prices on other printed products to cover the losses made on business cards.

You get what you pay for is also true when buying printed products. It's doesn't have to be expensive using a professional print company, and you'll have the added benefit of someone taking a personal interest in your account.

If you have print-ready artwork and know exactly what you're doing then a cheap business card supplier may be right for you, otherwise pay a little extra and get the hand holding offered by many professional print companies. It's not going to cost an arm and leg to find a suitable printing company. We've seen so many disappointed people over the years who've bought on price alone. Cheap is often not cheap when you add in the hidden extras.

Free business cards, or just very cheap ones may seem like an attractive proposition but quite often in order to produce them means cutting corners. This means it may be far more beneficial for you to pay a realistic price to get the business cards you really expect. Don't forget the power of using printed envelopes in your marketing efforts also, as these are a proven benefit.