Article On How To Fix A Dripping Faucet And Where To Find Replacement Parts

Regardless of the brand you are using there will come a time that the internal parts of the water faucet like the seal and stem will finally fail and must be replaced in order to use it again. The rubber seal which is made of elastic rubber wears first in a kitchen faucet specially in homes with many people using it. Sometimes even if you are not using it for a while the rubber seal tends to become brittle as time goes by and will break easily the next time you use it. A broken rubber seal will make a water faucet useless and will still leak even if you tighten it.

Second to the rubber seal, the faucet part that easily wears is the brass faucet stem. The threaded faucet stem is made of a brass metal which is softer than other metal parts of the faucet. Each time you open and close the faucet, the thread of the stem wears and will break eventually. One good sign that the thread of the stem is already gone is when you can turn the knob of the faucet endlessly. Searching faucet replacement parts is just easy, you can just visit the nearest plumbing hardware store and ask for a faucet repair kit. Take note of the part number or if you are not sure just bring the whole faucet and show it to the salesman.

Fixing a water faucet requires some tools like adjustable wrench and screw driver so get them ready before doing some repair work. Before anything else, turn-off the main water valve located near the water meter to avoid flooding the house while working. By using a pipe wrench and a screw driver try to remove the old rubber seal located at the tip of the faucet stem. Now, replace the old rubber seal with the new one by using a screw driver to remove the screw holder and tightening it in place.

Put the newly purchased rubber seal and lock it in place using the screw holder. Attach the stem back to its place by tightening the large screw cap to hold it in place and you're done. Finally, open the main water valve but before you do that make sure that the water faucet is in closed position. If you don't have experience in doing this kind of repair or if you don't have the proper tools, It would be better to just call a plumber to do it for you.

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