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When you listen to Christian music you often think of hymns or other songs of worship. You'll often run into inspiring titles 'Awesome God', 'Blessed Be Your Name', 'Now Is the Time to Worship' and 'Days of Elijah'. Casting Crowns, Michael W. Smith and Bill and Gloria Gaither are some of the famous names when you think of Christian music.

It`s incredible how easy Christian piano songs can be taught. Walking into most music stores, you`ll discover a wide rande of Christian piano sheet music available. It'll be like that famous advertisement - They all laughed when I said I could play piano... you know the rest! Christian piano music has that unique ability to enlighten people, even the toughest hearts.

Most Christian music can basically be brought down to a series of simple chord progressions. Church hymns also rely on a series of common chordal as most choral music does. There are a bunch of chords put together in various orders combined with various melodies.

Chrisitan music is famous for being rather simple as the chords it uses are usually basic. It takes more than just memorizing a series of chords to memorize the entire song You have to feel each chord progression in the core of your body, this is what helps you to memorize the progression of one harmony to the next and is the essence of worshipful music.

Each hymn or Christian song is based on a series of patterns that repeat themselves over and over again It`s not critical to have a perfect knowledge of sheet music to perform your Christian music favorites. As soon as you know the pattern of chords of a song you can instantly grasp the essence of a particular song.

Probably the most prevalent uses of Christian piano music is for worship and for religious services The majority of Christian denominations use instruments of numerous kinds to accompany their worship but the piano or keyboard is usually the most easily accessible You can now enjoy different types of genres such as new age, contemporary or soft rock genres whether it be for private functions or in live recitals.

Christian music is usually performed to show one`s faith in religion and the religious community. People can express specific emotions when performing music such as praise to God, worshiping the Almighty and express feelings of humbleness, lament and pentinence. It can be a blessing to play music that inspires the heart and soul.

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