Clifton Lockett’s Garden

From left to right: Rollie Pollard, Manager of the Mule Train Regional Market; Clifton Lockett and Ellington Massey

From left to right: Robbie Pollard, Clifton Lockett; Otis Wright, Jr. and Ellington Massey



Clifton Lockett is a leading producer for the MDCFWOI program and his gardens have been a demonstration site for our partners to see the practice and potential of what we are working to develop here in the Mississippi Delta.

Robbie Pollard owner of Happy Food Mobile Market; Clifton Lockett, MDCFWOI/Crossroad Farmers Market participant & Owner of the Lockett & Massey Garden; Otis Wright, Jr., Director of Small Farm Initiative-Tougaloo College (MDCFWOI’s partner) and Ellington Massey owned and operated 4000 acres in Coahoma County. Ellington Massey set aside land to be use by Mr. Lockett to do his gardening.

MDCFWOI & Partners; Mr. Lockett, Farmworker; Mr. Massey, Landowner and Lucy Massey, MD and businesswoman combined their efforts, resources and skills to provide fresh produce at affordable prices, increase income for farmworkers and Limited Resource Farmers and improve the standard of life in the Delta.

Clifton Locket and Lucy Massey

Clifton Locket and Lucy Massey




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