Announcing the release of our 2015 Annual Report

We are delighted to announce our 2015 annual report. The last financial year has been another period of growth and achievement. We continue to improve evaluation of our existing projects to understand what truly works best for our low-income customers, farmers and vendors, and we are working to expand programs and deepen connections within the community.

A message from our Executive Director, Donald Green

The past year has been an active one for our organization. I hope that you will review the information and photos we have offered in this annual report.

Our focus is on serving clients and participants, who we think of as customers. The staff was busy in 2015 with efforts to expand connections and strengthen the organization.

Our organization provides services to many of the area’s citizens. We could not do that without the commitment of our institutional funders, community partners, and individual donors.

With the help of everyone involved, we have seen the wages of our Crossroads Farmers Market vendors increase 2.5%-3%. We secured funding that will enable us to launch a vegetable processing facility with important partners, as well as new funding for a multi-year program to train and support beginning farm entrepreneurs. We launched a new mobile market that will enable participating farmers to increase their incomes and make fresh Delta-grown produce accessible to more low-income people.  In addition, we have begun a training program for agricultural drone pilots and are exploring additional partnerships.

To those of you who are not involved, I ask that you consider volunteering, and/or financially contributing to our organization.

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Donald Green, Executive Director

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