Visiting the Largest Space Airbase

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Not all people have opportunity to feel riding a jet. This type of person watches it on the sky while wondering when he can ride the jet. BestRussianTour.Com facilitates you more just wondering and seeing. You can do an activity beyond your imagination, which is riding a jet.

Basically, this site has several military jets such as MiG-29 fulcrum. For your information, only 25 countries that have MiG-29 including Russian. Then, they also have MiG-31, 21, and L-39 Albatross. Even, you have an opportunity to visit the biggest base for their space army, sokol. Sokol airbase reaches it popularities because this is an airbase for MiG military jets. Enjoy your time at sokol airbase with several services from them. Definitely, you can see some of the MiG Jets like MiG-19 as the first jest manufacturer there.

Walking around is not enough for the visitor because probably this is their last chance. This site knows about it so the offer them with space adventure across Cape Town. Go across English electric Lightning and take a big excitement as a fighter. You have an opportunity for 5 days to enjoy this facility. Don’t worry because they have professional trainer to train you well.

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