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This is the morning on a beautiful summer and at the dock in our nearest town to the weekly market in progress. Roofed stalls proudly displaying their wares to fill the market square that sells clothing, kitchenware, garden tools, baskets, fruits, vegetables and flowers from local farmers, Devon honey, handicrafts, farm butter and cheese from the farm. Customers, including farmers and women in jeans and sturdy boots, often with a collie in the back, an employee in a suit and tourists from near and far. Although we are in the age department stores, chain stores, hyper-Tores and drive through take-home life, our market has survived against all odds. Booths are still dominated by individual traders, many of the food crisis, which they do not sell multi-national companies who run it belongs to many families, who over generations, and still there is an opportunity not to be afraid of hard work, willing to be successful. During the months of summer when visitors so abundant revenues, our market is a fair old time since the musicians, jugglers and other street artists dressed like you. Some of our dealers to use the same skills to provide customers in their stalls, especially sellers plates, the plates into the air and catching them is to throw with great skill before they sell to you, and suffer very little rest! There are no prices are always given without the word “only” sets “from previous, all sold to junk shops” real “and perhaps” antique “; beautiful collie juicy fresh vegetables are not energetic dog, and if a dealer says he (or she) is “practically give it to someone else” then it’s probably because no sane person would buy it! Not all of these sales tactics deserve to be successful, and some sellers of fruits and vegetables their own worst enemy, complain when you’re dealing with their goods and Palming away with a green or rotten as you can handle, and select products in local supermarkets. Good to say, however, these traders began to decline, especially the growth of farmers markets’ movements throughout the country. I think it is important to realize that traditional markets have a way to play an important role in our cities. They make cheap clothes and fresh is available for those who can not be achieved, supermarkets in the city, or those who prefer to shop only in this way. Even the character, color and life of local communities, and is much welcomed increase in the number of buyers on the market today, which of course will benefit all of our local dealers. We are in our small town, lucky to survive the many small businesses and independent retailers. Fresh fish from the harbor, and butchers proudly displays the origin of meat on the table. I think that shows the popularity of Farmers Markets “that there is a growing awareness of the value of food produced locally, where the origin of an item can be tracked. I do not think that we would rather do all mass produced and packaged, high in the air-mile diet, we are often offered in supermarkets. So – next time you go into business not to try – why visitors to the local town market days and check what’s on offer?

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