Selling at the Farmers’ Market — Part 2

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As mentioned in previous articles, it is important when selling to farmers on a product being sold. Although this seems obvious, people often take much effort on something that really does not need to produce. Good intentions, but time is not active. For example, the first flowers of spring brings many sellers strawberries and rhubarb. Fresh strawberries are abundant in the market that the sellers will find themselves bringing them home liter. Is this a problem? Well, it could be or might have a chance. Strawberries are a welcome addition on the way in the form of strawberry jam. Adding that some of the fights and you have two different jams for sale. Adding low-sugar jam line for people with diabetes, feeling and you have a small company in the production. These are examples of products added value. Another possibility is to further this process to regard them as working. There is certainly no more effort to produce a jar of strawberry jam for a liter forward. It takes some time and expertise. If you have both in hand, you will be rewarded with a higher price than the original berry jam you. In addition, the time and effort you with jam, which sold at the farmers market season, because it is always better than a pint of fresh strawberries. Implemented as soon as your peanut butter and jelly faculty, the sky is the limit for stable products, from sweet, savory jams and jellies, even heat. One that has been made recently, we enjoyed and jalapeno jam – delicious and addicted to crackers, with or without cream cheese! When looking into preserving a very good and cost effective starting point of the ball mark this Home Canning Guide or the Blue Book. This is a novel thin at most stores that carry canning supplies are sold. It is up to date information about the conservation of all types to produce. Please note that during the production of value-added products at home, it may take a few referrals from local health authorities. Some products may not be sold unless packed in a commercial kitchen environment. The best thing is to check the health or agricultural department. A good source of information is an extension by the county office. Other products value-added does not require any type of inspection or license kitchen. For example, if an animal that looks offer fiberglass fibers. In the raw wool sold for less than $ 5. 00 per pound and requires some work for a warm wool hat. Farmers market only a few buyers have the time, let alone the inclination to buy a pound of wool sheep. Similarly, the shepherd has for some time and work to add to the product. Cleaning and spinning wool to the first step. This could be fun but time consuming process. Maybe in the right market handspun wool will attract potential buyers. I’ve noticed that no matter how much you spin wool, there are times when the knitter needs more than you have. Most likely this is the wool that you no longer die suddenly as a lamb, sold, turned gray in old age, etc. Here’s even more time and effort needed to hopefully come back a U.S. dollars in the wool at the end. You knit hat from homespun yarn is an easy way to spend a few nights “. So, if you can not spend your time on your computer meet the hands of the input, there are some good knitting books are available, that comes to mind is” homespun, Handknit that “given the complex simple pattern for hats, mittens, gloves and socks, and slippers for Christmas even. I tend to specialize, with hats, because they do not bear comparison with the need to partner. Once again, the lack of the last few yarn less problems in the hat, add a contrasting lines or something. You do not need all the extra half one in the middle of the color and size. Elizabeth Zimmermann’s books entertaining and educational about knitting. “Knitting Without Tears is a” very help. Now you are ready with your value of wool to be brought to the farmers market. (note, some places will only products that can be eaten, not clever stuff!) Arm yourself with a hand mirror of some kind, and be prepared for people to try a hat, gloves feel. I know someone who knits beautiful sandals and comfortable fit for warm feet. In addition, only half a dozen hats and children can contribute to the gas in the market. It certainly does not need much space or worse than time to time. just in case again Knitting is one of them takes time, but the addictive activity. In fact, it may even be spinning or knitting guild in your area. Break the news to her gently that her husband was a social time for you . You may find that you need all sizes and different colors of wool to fill you up. You may have to take orders. You can knit sideline on a long car trips and while seeing the TV broadcast. Maybe it’s not just one day at the farmers sell tomatoes and cukes now markets continue to show with your handspun, Handknit products trade. you’re just a small company, and because you are responsible, leave it to improve the speed, which you’re comfortable and that the market hergibt! Good luck with your business.

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