Positive Aspects of Farmers Markets

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Benefits for farmers: Farmers’ markets must be maintained, the price of food in certain areas the benefits. The concept also helps family farms in business. Farmers to farmers who try to make a small profit in less than ideal rice harvest to be an advantage. Attendance at the farmers market provides an opportunity for the average farmer to make the transition to a larger holding vegetables or fruit. According to a survey on the state of Alabama food producers, led about two-thirds of respondents would prefer to farmers compared with other forms of direct sales for many reasons, including the participation of a large number of buyers, a convenient way to easy and beneficial to consumers and raise prices. In addition, the farmers market is the best place to meet and visit with people, generate point-to-ear seasonal income, a way out for more, and wager how to advertise on farm or in home activities. Benefits for consumers: Many studies have shown that a large number of consumers and farmers markets in this business from other sources. Consumers believe that they are fresh, delicious, get the right look, more like the proper nutritional value farmers produce. In addition to fresh produce and nutritious, and participation in helping farmers produce for the consumer, information, and find ways to grow food produced sustainably. Offers a unique opportunity in the food system by involving the people who know the produce in the region. Benefits for society: Farmers’ markets play an important role in the development of the communities in which they are. This increases the population access to fresh produce in areas that rarely supermarkets body.

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