Internet Authors are Farmers, Really

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Internet writers such as farmers, using the drag of their own strain. They work alone, often separated from friends and family, wondering – as all writers – when the stories they produce work will never see the light of the world. But they are driven by the belief that what they say is worth reading and to establish confidence in the reality that they can, finally, to communicate in writing to the world through Internet media. In this case, they had to choose one more step on a fellow writer who still depend on traditional publishing world that Internet Authors can be assured that the books they write will be uploaded, printed and seen, and not the issuance of a modern desk assistants and unhelpful Editors. Of course, the farmers in Britain are experiencing difficulties recently. They are found in the grip of a giant supermarket and found that the size, weight and price of their products in general, they are determined by the retail buyer. In this case they are no better than the traditional above-mentioned authors, the slave Traditional publishers are not ready to go with the time and thought that was what was good enough for creative writers in the 1930s, is still good. Internet Authors have moved. Similarly, the progressive-minded farmers have done in the case and for other outlets for their products to be realized. In this case, that is the shops or local markets Farmers’. The advantage of the two locations is that farmers have more direct relationships with their customers. They are closer to them, and to hear from the people at the table for what they are looking for. This is the case for Internet writers to communicate using modern tools such as blogs and forums to communicate with their customers, the readers. You get feedback and comments almost immediately, and that the plans and their proposals will change in the future. Rather than relying on a series of mid-left to people like Literary Agents, Editors, Publishers, promotion assistants and illustrators, they can perform their energies to what they can best be addressed to create a story and change the map of the world we all carry in our heads. Farmers who will feel their way of life is threatened, other sources of support, however: the government. In Europe and increasingly in America, the government measures, if they see that the people until the country that does not make a living. This does not apply to the writers (although the British Arts Council is urged to provide financial support for literary artists as well), a graphic artist at that time. Type of legal aid is rarely seen in the writer’s career. In the past, respected author is supported by royal figures, with pensions and handouts, but they were published by traditional publishers to make their own way and to fund their own businesses. Alternative, until now has been a risky – and expensive – type of self publishing. In some ways, the Internet has taken the model and he shook good-outs. Upload internet writers are the people who line their books-on-demand publishers to print, and then wait for surfers and web visitors to buy books. Remarkably, it costs nothing in the trial, which achieved a clear majority. In that case, the Internet Authors are one step to the farmers. You do not need subsidies. They are free from the threat of financial ruin. You can concentrate on what they do best, write and then look at the books made available at no cost to themselves. This is a win-win situation, and a world away from the “majority” lost the vision of traditional publishing. Every day, the writer was sitting at their table and tried to create new jobs, but only a web-authors in a position to know that the green shoots, they maintain, irrigation and heels will eventually grow up, and fruit. For the traditional author, at the ankles for traditional publishing, life is still gambling and their opinions are still a lottery. Web authors can only bring in the harvest, as farmers have done for themselves since the end of the last ice age. Finally, the ice age of traditional publishing with the whining and undignified end had come.

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