How To Lose All Of Your Twitter Followers With Just One Tweet

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After being quite active on Twitter a few months now, i’m definately starting to see it’s amazing advantages for my online business.

However, there’s one thing which often goes overlooked, and which I will explain here…

The Twitter Auto Direct Message.

This is not a rant, but more of a help article, as I want YOU to be as successful as you possibly can.

So let’s begin…

The ‘Auto Direct Message’ is one of Twitter’s most powerful tools for Internet Marketing, yet most people use and abuse this terribly. This is one of the BIGGEST reasons that it’s frowned upon, as well as the fact that people hate the impersonal approach to social networking.

And that’s what it is, a social networking website. Not a constant advertising billboard. People will hate you for it and unfollow you.

However, if you phrase it right by using good copy, you’ll see:

1. An increase in conversation between you and your followers
2. An increase in click-through rates for your links
3. A resulting increase in conversions.

Don’t forget, you only have around 115 characters (depending on what Auto Direct Message service you use), so make every word count!

But what is an example of a bad Auto Direct Message?

Anything which asks a user to take action before you’ve even attempted to get to know them. Here are a few common examples.

1. Hi! Check Out My Blog >>
2. Hi! Buy My Latest Product >> [insert affiliate link here]
3. Get this now, only 10 left!!111
4. Capitalising Every Word Like This To People For All 115 Characters

…And a good Auto Direct Message?

Anything which tries to involve the follower, whether it’s through conversation, or complimenting their products/services/personality. Remember, make it personal!

1. Hey, thanks for the following! What are you currently working on?
2. Hey, nice Twitter page! How are you?
3. Hey, nice to meet you! Do you own a blog I can check out?
4. Thanks for the add! YOU ROCK!!!

But why should I ask about other people if I’m the one who wants attention?

In short, the more attention and value you give out to other people, the more attention and value is returned. Think of it as social karma.

So ask yourself… Do you use an Auto Direct Message on Twitter, and what is yours currently set to? Does it make these obvious mistakes? Change it to reflect this article and start seeing results immediately!

Although, this is only one of many things that people do wrong on Twitter, and don’t even realise it!

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