How to beat the market every time and sell your product at your price

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I recently heard that the emergency legislation the Australian Government has to control your food, if the chance. Is that true? Are other governments around the world have the same policy to take? P> I do not know, but with food prices going way

very likely that if the food needed to take to feed the nation, government distribution conflicts. We have many sources, that China and India alone, more millionaires than we’ve heard people in Australia. These millionaires can afford to buy food, because the price rises. This in itself, it is estimated that food prices quadruple over the next 5 years. P> So the big question is: Do farmers benefit from major improvements price strong> food? Strong / p> I doubt

. I do not know about you, but I was really mad when I am with farmers about the bad deal they are often sold in the market or become victims of market price fluctuations talk. P> Well, how do you command me the price you want? The strong> p / What if you develop your own distribution chain, and pre-orders for your production? Is it possible to do this? If so, you definitely will your market and control the situation, at a reasonable price at your request. P> Now we can provide you with the security of 2 farmers who have done just that, to tell you that. Strong / p> Prime lamb producer Jennifer Auer Schwab designing a plan, not only from their sheep to be sold in the market, they also ask for the price. Initially, they become a special gourmet butcher cut meat just as customers want them to choose the type and size of the wound from amputation. Then they will offer to divide the sheep in the packages needed by the customer. All went well until Jennifer was left with the sheep sold, as if there are people who provide or arrange for another re not lost. As a customer service that was developed was called to order Jennifer take up to 6 months ahead. In this way they plan to presell all the flocks and keep their customers happy. He is very well paid for this service. still P> another story that I can say is to have fresh vegetable grower John Peterson, one year with a big pumpkin crop, if his contract has ended with the national chains when trapped late! The pumpkin is ready to deliver. Around the same time the local group near Chicago to ask the name of John purchaser in order to supply direct. He hesitated at first, because it is very risky for the whole product seems to presell 1 large groups. However, not only members of this group of mostly pre-ordered the production of up to 5 years in advance, they also have prepaid so, even if it is a bad harvest, they bear the cost! Then when John went to see the country, the group bought it for him, for him to maintain the supply. When we met John, he was back from the field for 3 years to share his story around the world. P> How do you want

in o John or Jennifer’s position? Strong> / p From the outside, farmers will be in the box. You have what you want people in the world, and both need and it’s time to start, very serious, because the price you need to receive your prize the actual command. Is there a group that wants to support you or your group can now open new markets, set back in the box? P>

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