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When I was in college, I took French classes for theree semesters. Surprisingly, learning a foreing language was not that difficult at all. I was very interested in my French classes that I am one of the students that got the highest final grade in class.We learned how to speak basic conversational French. Even if I am no longer that well-versed with the language, I can still recognize and understand some words when I hear it or when I come across some sites that are written in French.

The other day, while I was looking for bathroom decorations, I came across The site caters to readers that needs ideas on how to make their salle de bain beautiful and fucntional at the same time.

For wine lovers, you can visit for more information about afer. They have an extensive list of French wines. Their search feature is very easy to use. You can utilize this to look for the wine specialty of each region in France.

I also came across a site called This site is for people that are looking for information about pret immobilier or real estate and also property loans.

If you happen to see these sites but do not have any clue on what is written on the site, there’s always French-English online translation.

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