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Market Shopping in London is part of the cultural style. Do you live in London, or will soon visit for a vacation, go to one of the main markets in London to get a bargain is a MUST. But, as London has so many markets, choosing from various parts of the capital, Exclusivelondon. co. uk pleased to announce the complete list of the best markets in London for their fashion items are unique, delicious food and organic products. Camden Market (Camden High Street, Chalk Farm Road, Camden, London, NW1, opening times: 7 days a week). Camden Market, London, exclusive favorite! This strange and full of beautiful furniture, and jewelry, and funky-fresh fashion items and what is best, everything is very cheap. Like most markets, you will be able to negotiate quite a bit from a few feet, especially if you buy a set of points. Camden Market is divided into several market / street: Buck Camden Market Street, Inverness Street, Camden Canal Market, Camden Lock Market and Stables Market. Finding art, bargain real is to explore every nook and cranny of all the markets in Camden and have junk really good. The market is a maze of property, and just when you thought it was no longer visible, go further and look for large shops or kiosks have more great things! If you have a real eye for fashion and style, you should be able to visit a number of kiosks and to work together really smart and original clothes. Farmers’ Market (Essex Road, Islington / opposite Islington Green, London, N1, opening times: Sun 10-2) are great on Sunday a small market with a variety of fresh grown organic produce, including fruits, vegetables, eggs, delicious cheese and meat. If you live in north London, and you must supply of homemade jams, chutneys and wine is the Farmers Market is the perfect choice. Market Wembley (Stadium Way, Wembley, London HA9 0WS, opening times: Sunday, 9 am – 3, subway stations nearby: Wembley Park) this market in the parking lot across from Wembley Stadium, and instead have a line of market participants and traders. There are more than 500 kiosks in here on weekends, selling everything from women’s clothing, men’s clothing, shoes, laundry and all the necessary accessories – belts, bags and tons of costume jewelry. Brick Lane Market (Brick Lane, Cheshire Street and Sclater Street, London E1, Open: Sun 8-2) on Sunday was the best day visit to the market this life because they saw the arrival of hundreds of stalls selling clothes, fabrics, jewelry, ornaments, à-brac and leather goods. Leather Lane Market (Leather Lane, London, EC1N, opening times: Monday-Friday, 10-3, subway stations nearby: Chancery Lane / Farringdon) market stretches all the way along Leather Lane (between Greville Street and Clerkenwell Road) , and sell everything from clothes and shoes to jewelry and handbags. Agricultural Machinery Market (Trafalgar Way, Isle of Dogs, London, E14 5ST, opening times: Mon-Fri 5-8: 30am) In addition to the fact that the London famous Billingsgate fish market UKS largest market. The open to members of the community, so set your alarm clock (as only between 5-8: 30) and head there for the fresh seafood in this country. Covent Garden Market (The Piazza, Covent Garden, London WC2E, opening times: Monday-Friday, 10 30am-7th 30pm, the next U Stations: Covent Garden) The unique crafts, jewelry, clothing and antiques on sale in the columns of the Hall North Covent Garden. New to the Covent Garden Food Lover’s Market on the second Friday of every month, rather than verifiable quality producers sell a variety of fresh, seasonal British produce. Take time to check the shops, a welcome alternative to the High Street and see some of the best entertainment street in London on the piazza. Petticoat Lane Market (Middlesex Street and Wentworth Street, Aldgate, London E1 Open: Monday-Friday 10-2: 30pm, Sun 9-2) Petticoat Lane is one of the East End’s most famous, the oldest and largest market, the good – more than a thousand stalls. Admission of a region in and around Middlesex St / Wentworth St, Sunday is probably the best day with a fashion prices, Asian fabrics, textiles and jewelry. Roman Market Street (Roman Road, London, E3, opening times: Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday 9-5. 30pm, subway stations nearby: Bow Road / Mile End) Roman Road market is a good ol ‘East End is a traditional market with stalls selling all kinds of goods, including beauty products, shoes, clothing and accessories. There are several big to various stalls selling fresh food. Worth a visit. Spitalfields Market (Commercial Street, London E1, Open: Monday-Friday 11-5: 00pm, Sun 10-5) exclusive of London’s favorite costume for jewelry, clothing, goods, household goods and organic foods. Sunday was the best day for this great market, how can you Brick Lane Market, visit the not too far away. We want to travel and happy to see many. Walthamstow Market (High Street Walthamstow, London, E17, opening times: Mon-Sun 8-6, subway stations nearby: Walthamstow Central / St James’s Central is) With many stands a large selection of clothing, shoes and jewelry, the longest Walthamstow market European markets and a very popular street in London. Sunday was the best day, as fresh produce stands and craft stalls funny that you just can not help but go and buy something! Whitechapel Market (Whitechapel Road, London, E1, opening times: Monday-Saturday, 8 – 6pm, Nearest tube: Aldgate) this market is one of the best Asian market in London, because it offers a variety of Indian jewelry, clothing, cloth and silk smooth / cotton saris. Portobello Road Market (Portobello Road, London, W11, Open: Sat, 8 3, subway stations nearby: Ladbroke Grove / Notting Hill Gate) is a big Portobello market, he has more than a thousand stand holders and a half and close to some of the arcade. Although primarily a market with antique shops, but also a good place to find great clothes and found the former record. Greenwich Market (Greenwich, London SE10, opening times: Thursday – Sunday from 9:30-5 hours. 30pm Nearest station: Greenwich, Cutty Sark) in the heart of historic Greenwich, arts and crafts market in the College’s approach to sell a variety of traditional and indigenous crafts made hand art. While at Greenwich High Rd, there is a market that sells antiques pre-1960 Antique Clock Thurs from 09.00-17.00. Have a look good – Greenwich, a beautiful area, and even if you do not find what you want in the markets, you are obliged to find a nice bar or restaurant that you can spend an hour or two at the Brixton Market stump (Electric Avenue / Pope ’s Road / Station Road, London SW9, opening times: Monday – Saturday 9-6, except Wednesday when he opened 9-3) mosey on up to Brixton Market, if you look, the Caribbean and African foods, fruits, vegetables, vegetables and spices. This is also a good place for fresh fish and cook, bread and handicrafts. Borough Market (8 Southwark Street, SE1 1TL, Tel: 020 7402 1002, opening times: Saturday 9-4) Borough Market is a very good market exceptional fresh produce and organic foods and promotions. There are various kinds of meat, cheese, sauces, breads, cakes and snacks (including chutneys, olives, dried tomatoes, etc.) and the air is the water lodged in the mouth with flavor. Director favorite there nice and early on Saturday morning to stock up on fresh food is. A ExclusiveLondon. co. uk! Bermondsey Market (New Caledonian Market – Bermondsey Square, SE1, opening times: Friday, 6-2) If antiques are your thing, then this market is for you. filled with antiques, furniture and knick-knacks, Bermondsey market or New Caledonian Market is a cheap shelter. New Covent Garden Flower Market (Nine Elms Lane, London, SW8 Open: Monday-Friday from 3 to 11 hours Sat 4-10, Nearest metro: Vauxhall) New Covent Garden Flower Market is a feast for the eyes. Your senses are full of colors, textures and fragrances. You can buy all kinds of flowers and plants are available. But you have to get up bright and early if you want to make market opening time, but it’s really worth it! This article was written by Maryse Mignotte, www. . Exclusivelondon co. uk For the hottest London events, restaurants, clubs, boutiques and more, visit www. . Exclusivelondon co. uk

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