Austin Farmer’s Markets

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Like many Austinites enjoy a healthy lifestyle, not surprising that the Farmers Market was a hit in the city. Markets bring fresh food is found locally to find alternative agricultural land, the goods in the store environment. Although many cities do not have a farmers market, Austin has up to five at a time, with the Austin Farmers Market “, is a favorite. Whether in the city center, on the 4th and Guadalupe, and also North-Central in Triangle Park, Austin Farmers Market supports local agriculture, farms, dairies and nurseries within a radius of 150 miles. location of the center is open every Saturday and is located in the north is open throughout the year on Wednesday, rain or shine. The Austin Farmers’ Market is a “Grower’s only” market, suppliers are only selling goods which they grow, and nothing has been imported in any way. Austin Farmers’ Market began, and still runs as a local nonprofit group project called the Sustainable Food Center in 2003. With roots dating back to 1975, the Sustainable Food Center was created to “food secure community by improving local access, healthy and affordable food for children and adults in Central Texas.” They not only contribute to local area food banks, and gardening practices to the public teaching, but by the Austin Farmers Market “in downtown, they also make a grown fresh produce available to low income residents. Now celebrating 10 years, the Sunset Valley Farmers’ Market every Saturday, at the Toney Burger Center in South Austin, and 75% as recently as the ‘Best Farmers’ Market “in the 2007 survey Austin Chronicle’ Readers’. The produced and sold or grown organically and sustainably selected free from pesticides and fertilizers, the participants have several products just a few hours before purchase. In addition to fresh produce is a local provider can talk with farmers and educate the market by giving demonstrations and a chef on activities for children, and performed by local musicians. Also invited local artists to sell their wares, and many farmers bring prepared foods like jams, salsa and empanadas, with the materials of their own. Although many companies bring their products from near Austin, such as swamp Creek Farm is another possibility, in the heart of East Austin, right on Pleasant Valley Road. Which is now surrounded by subdivisions, schools, and workplaces, all once part of the Farm, swampy Creek Farm sits on 5 acres of land warm, and is one of the few urban farms in the nation really. If they do not sell fresh produce at farmers markets, they are helping Whole Foods stores, like 3 miles away. In 2007, Greenlight Environmental Magazine named Austin Farmers’ Market as one of ten farmers markets in the country of more than 4,000 markets. They base their findings on adherence to the practices of sustainable agriculture, the elimination of markets for agricultural businesses and the market focused on agriculture and food industry in relation to community and educational projects, among other criteria. Although it can be in Austin farmers market, an experience that is fun and delicious, they also live up to high national standards bring, while the urban and rural communities together and helps everyone involved.

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