How To Use Social Networking Sites Like Linkedin and Twitter to Grow Your Business

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As any successful business owner can tell you being successful is all about building relationships with your customers. This article speaks to the value of social networking sites as relationship builders which, if managed correctly, have the potential to bring in more business.

For the past few days I have been working on obtaining testimonials for several of my clients who we are helping to create new websites. In the process of interviewing the customer’s client- I ask a series of questions which help me in outlining my client’s brand. One question I ask is “why did you choose this company.” In many cases, what I find, is that the company is already known to the client either because they frequently see the company office, or have a family member or friend that has done business with them. “Word of mouth” is the easiest way to get new business as a relationship of trust has been established via a third party’s experience with the company.

Because most businesses cannot rely solely on word of mouth to generate all their business they try other means of building a relationship such as direct mail, advertisements, radio, and television to name a few.

Increasingly, the internet is becoming a primary means to begin to build a relationship with customers and to target market segments. So how can one establish trust over the internet, which, to many, seems so impersonal and lacking the one-on-one contact that is associated with building a trusting relationship? The answer is simple- just as email usage has grown as a means of communication-social networking sites such as Linkedin and Twitter are being used as tools to share information, share resources, assess consumer needs, to network, and to establish collaborative business relationships. This is not just a local phenomenon- this is happening worldwide. Currently, I am regularly communicating with people in 8 countries and I have not even begun to use all of the available social networking tools.

Although I use these sites primarily for business-there is great value in using the sites to locate old friends, schoolmates, and colleagues. However, in these instances, I use my email or phone to communicate and do not use a public venue to exchange personal information, as I feel it detracts from the community user experience with these public forums. I have heard many online users talking about using proper “netiquette” related to these sites and the consensus is that you should treat the online community communication experience the same as you would in your personal and professional life, e.g. no advertising, spamming, stalking, rude behavior, etc.

In summary, I do not approach social networking sites as a way to socialize or make friends. Just as in “real life” this may happen over time with people you regularly communicate with and have much in common. I keep my online presence cordial and professional and all of the social networking sites to which I am a member have the same professional photo of me, and company information. I do not use my blog, Facebook, Twitter or other sites to tell people what I am doing at the moment as some do. I post links to my articles, offer and ask for advice, link to other’s articles, to interesting technology tools, and marketing resources. It is my belief that one’s online identity can complement and even enhance their face-to-face relationships if one makes a concerted effort to give as well as to receive. As in real life, by taking the time to grow your social networks, business contacts, and by regularly communicating with potential customers to assess their needs- you will have a greater chance of growing your business.

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How To Lose All Of Your Twitter Followers With Just One Tweet

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After being quite active on Twitter a few months now, i'm definately starting to see it's amazing advantages for my online business.

However, there's one thing which often goes overlooked, and which I will explain here...

The Twitter Auto Direct Message.

This is not a rant, but more of a help article, as I want YOU to be as successful as you possibly can.

So let's begin...

The 'Auto Direct Message' is one of Twitter's most powerful tools for Internet Marketing, yet most people use and abuse this terribly. This is one of the BIGGEST reasons that it's frowned upon, as well as the fact that people hate the impersonal approach to social networking.

And that's what it is, a social networking website. Not a constant advertising billboard. People will hate you for it and unfollow you.

However, if you phrase it right by using good copy, you'll see:

1. An increase in conversation between you and your followers
2. An increase in click-through rates for your links
3. A resulting increase in conversions.

Don't forget, you only have around 115 characters (depending on what Auto Direct Message service you use), so make every word count!

But what is an example of a bad Auto Direct Message?

Anything which asks a user to take action before you've even attempted to get to know them. Here are a few common examples.

1. Hi! Check Out My Blog >>
2. Hi! Buy My Latest Product >> [insert affiliate link here]
3. Get this now, only 10 left!!111
4. Capitalising Every Word Like This To People For All 115 Characters

...And a good Auto Direct Message?

Anything which tries to involve the follower, whether it's through conversation, or complimenting their products/services/personality. Remember, make it personal!

1. Hey, thanks for the following! What are you currently working on?
2. Hey, nice Twitter page! How are you?
3. Hey, nice to meet you! Do you own a blog I can check out?
4. Thanks for the add! YOU ROCK!!!

But why should I ask about other people if I'm the one who wants attention?

In short, the more attention and value you give out to other people, the more attention and value is returned. Think of it as social karma.

So ask yourself... Do you use an Auto Direct Message on Twitter, and what is yours currently set to? Does it make these obvious mistakes? Change it to reflect this article and start seeing results immediately!

Although, this is only one of many things that people do wrong on Twitter, and don't even realise it!

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Why Live Paycheck To Paycheck

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Life wasn’t meant to be lived this way. Living Paycheck to Paycheck and work every day—which make up the majority of all your days—the alarm clock goes off and it’s time to start your day. You get up and get ready to go to work. Then you endure the stressful commute while you fight the rush hour traffic on your way in.You get to work and you are not allowed to think for yourself, instead you have to do everything your boss tells you to do. This of course applies even if you don't like your boss or you think that he or she is wrong and you don’t agree with them.

You work your 8-plus hours and then fight the rush hour traffic to get back home again, adding who knows how much more time to an already long day. You get home, eat dinner and maybe spend some time with your family or friends. Perhaps there’s time to watch a little TV, then it’s off to bed. Several short hours later, it’s time to do it all over again. Of course, the story doesn’t end there, because you probably pay about 25% of every dollar you earn in taxes. Perhaps it’s a little less, but depending on your income, it’s probably a lot more.

So in an 8 hour day, for the first two hours, you aren’t even working for yourself—you’re paying for some fat cat’s bailout. Between that absurdity and your commute, practically half your day is wasted as far as your personal income is concerned.

The final indignity is that even after all of this, many people still have trouble paying all the bills. The money ends before the month does, and you wind up with no money left over for you. And since prices always seem to increase faster than your income, it gets worse as time goes on. It doesn’t have to be this way.

You can become an internet entrepreneur and start a home-based business that not only eliminates all of the costs of commuting, but workplace expenses as well—things like gas, lunches, clothes and so on. Find the right online marketing opportunity and you will not only make an extraordinary income, but you’ll be in control over your own schedule for a change.

Don’t go on living paycheck to paycheck in a dead end job that you hate and end up with nothing at the end of the month. Go online and do some research to find an opportunity that will not only change your life, but your lifestyle as well.

Don and Tami Lewis are business coach and mentors based out of Buckeye, AZ, that assists serious entrepreneurs in building a profitable online business with multiple incomes streams. For more information visit my website.

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The Y2mate Social Networking Advantage

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Should you or should you not join the bandwagon in expanding your professional networking and business networking with the help of these online social networking sites? How effective are social networking sites?
Online social networking is becoming a tool of advantage for most businesses nowadays. Professional networking has come a long way as internet has revolutionized over the years.

But are online social networking sites really helpful in professional networking and business networking? How can social networking sites help you in expanding your business networking and professional networking?

Online social networking is regarded as one of the most effective business strategies nowadays. It can operate in 2 modes of business networking and professional networking: (1) business to customer (B2C); and (2) business to business (B2B).

Not only is online social networking cheaper than the traditional modes of expanding business networking and professional networking, it has also proven to yield very direct results from the target market.

As internet technology has become more and more sophisticated, business networking has not only become cheaper and cheaper, it has also pushed into creating revolutionary business strategies like social networking, which still proves to be one of the most effective and least costly in reaching your target market for any products or services.

With the economic crisis felt all over the world, many businesses would naturally resort to cheaper ways of doing things. In this tight economic situation, staying in business requires knowledge in knowing strategies on how to cut down on operational costs. Advertising and business networking need not be costly to you. With social networking sites like (, promoting your products and services can be very cost-effective, with proven astounding results. is an online Social Networking site that is designed to expand your business networking and/or professional networking. By signing up and becoming a member of social networking, you will have the chance to gain access to good articles and tips to break free from most common pitfalls and difficulties in running your business or in rendering professional services.

Becoming a member of social networking not only gives you a chance to build a wide business networking and professional networking, but also gives you the advantage of finding investment insights and career growth and opportunities. is an online social networking site that can provide you with useful and relevant tutorials, video presentations and slideshows that would help you in expanding your business and delivering professional services with the cutting edge.

Another interesting and helpful feature of social networking would be its forums and blogs, which give you the opportunity to get professional opinions from fellow members all over the world, who also are in the same niche that you are, and can somehow give you some helpful tips.

What’s more fascinating with online social networking is the video conferencing capability of this social networking site, making you capable of expanding business networking and professional networking with your associates and contacts to discuss issues online.

You will get articles from online social networking has a magazine section which will contain articles from top tier experienced authors in the field that you are in.

With online social networking, you are assured of professional networking and business networking that works for you and your business like no other social networking site can offer.

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Create Visibility For Your Business on Facebook: Top Ten Ways

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With Facebook recently overtaking MySpace as the number one social networking site, it is definitely worth taking a look at if you are in business

According to a study done recently by the Aberdeen Group companies are using sites like Facebook to improve the interactions they have with their customers. The study showed that companies that use social networking sites are 17 times more likely to improve customer satisfaction than companies that don't use them.

If you already have a profile on the site but aren't sure how to leverage it for networking, brand visibility and gaining feedback--check out these top tips for boosting your reach through this hot social tool.

1) Take special care in filling out your profile: You will want to take the time to thoroughly fill out your profile, especially making sure to include your website address and your interests and activities. People appreciate this type of insight into the person behind the business.

2) Join and contribute to groups: Joining groups relevant to your niche is a good way to reach your target market and share your knowledge. Be sure to comment in the discussions and post helpful tips and links.

3) Start your own group: Taking the group idea up a notch, why not create your own group? Be seen as an authority while forming relationships with other members you have invited. Encourage conversation and participation and include a way for others to find out more about your business when you fill in your info as the administrator for the group.

4) Update often: This doesn't mean you need to spend hours on the site, but for the time you do carve out, update your status and add relevant, helpful links, photos or information to your profile. Because these types of updates show up through the News Feed function for others, you are creating a viral spread of information that helps build your brand and create familiarity.

5) Suggest, recommend and introduce: If you know people you think should be introduced, then facilitate that. Recommend and suggest resources to others. All of these activities create community and contribute to the awareness of both you and what you have to offer.

6) Import your blog posts: You can use the Notes application to pull your blog posts into your profile. The posts then appear in others' news feeds, adding to your credibility and expert status in your particular niche.

7) Create a Page for your business: Facebook Pages are a nice option because it allows you to have a whole separate profile for your business. You can invite others to join the page, post relevant items, hold discussions and "naturally" promote your services or products. The best thing about it? Facebook is ranked so highly in the search engines that by giving your business a page, it helps your business rank highly as well!

8) Personalize your friend requests: It is a good idea to add a friendly message when you are making a friend request. People are more likely to remember you and it's just a good relationship-building practice.

9) Promote your events: If you are holding sales, teleseminars, courses, live events or anything of the like, you can create invites for your friends to receive with all the relevant information included. This is great for increasing participation and driving traffic.

10) Place targeted ads: "Social Ads" as they are called on Facebook are another option. This can be a powerful way to increase brand awareness. With these ads you are able to select targeted demographics for your campaigns.

Remember, it is about relationship building, not "push" marketing. A few cautions: make sure you never do anything that could be seen as spam. Take time to explore the privacy options on your profile and keep in mind how all of your Facebook activities may be perceived by your potential clients and customers.

Once you really jump in and get involved I think you will find Facebook to be a fabulous tool for both networking and visibility. If it is overwhelming, take it one step at a time--but don't stand on the sidelines any longer. After all, it's not just for college kids anymore!

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Make Money With YouTube...The Right Way

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Did you know that there is a right way and a wrong way to make money
with YouTube. Most people today are facing serious economic issues and our country is looking at the possibility of economic collapse. Yet there is hope. Video marketing is one of the most effective ways of getting the message of your product or business opportunity out there for millions to see. Using YouTube can be a very powerful way of accomplishing this..if it is done correctly. Allot of people think that getting tons of video views is the best way to make money on YouYube.

Some people even advocate going to websites where you can buy video views. This may make you look more popular on YouTube but does nothing for bringing in sales because the video views are fake. This is also against YouTube's policies and procedures and their Terms of Service (TOS) and if you get caught, can get your account suspended and can get you thrown off YouTube. This is something you do not want to do. Your credibility and your reputation as being a repected internet marketer is at stake here. People are gun shy enough with all the scam artists out there on the internet. These people prey on the uneducated, minorities and the working poor in America. People are struggling in today's economy just to get buy, pay their bills and keep food on the table.

Getting channel views rather than video views is better. The reason for this is because you can advertise your product or income opportunity on your YouTube Channel and actually put live links to your websites on that page. You can use it as a landing page to tell people a little about yourself and your business. This is a very effective marketing technique. Anything you can do to personalize your channel page will result in people beginning to trust you, and therefore do more business with you. Think of your YouTube channel as your own personal website. It is a place where you can present your marketing message to the world for FREE.

The goal here is to be able to generate leads and traffic to your main websites that house your products or business opportunities. Leads and traffic equate to customers and customers equate to money on the internet through sales. You can also use this as an effective way of building a list of repeat customers once people have purchased from you. These are just a couple of ways you can effectively use the power of YouTube to make more money online. You can use this money to start your own home based business or just earn cash income to pay water bills or pay electricity bills. With our economy in such a mess, we all need a little help on the war on poverty.

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