Grant Money - Government Grants For Women


They are also designed to help established smaller organizations expand and improve. Is it safe to say that you are reading this article because you are seeking knowledge on getting government grants for women?

One of the most ideal financial ways to start your business is through grants. Grants tend to be given to those who will contribute to the economy at large while starting their own small business. Business grants are given to people who qualify from the federal government dept. A point to remember is that since grants money are not loans they don't have to be paid back.

a. Women's Business Grants Defined-Women can run a business outside of the home or a home-based business by utilizing business grants money. They can be used to:$1500 grant - Women Studying Business in College. $10000 Grant Money - Blind College. $12000 Grant Money-Women's College Scholarships - Single Parents.

1) Acquisition of a new or existing business. 2) Equipment financing. 3) Salaries and related expenses. 4) Office Rent. 5) Start a new or expand an existing business. 6) Office expenses and overhead.To promote and encourage business growth these are generally given to woman small business owners. You have to be at least 18 years old to qualify.

b.The Use Of Governments Grants:

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