Tips on Setting Up Your Website


Online marketing, multi-level marketing (MLM), internet marketing sometimes is confused with just putting up a website and waiting for people climb aboard. Not utilizing the full extent of your website with full online and offline market efforts will be a waste of time and great disappointment.
When it comes to making the sale, the major focus is the single page that the visitor lands on. For the potential client to make a good buying decision you need a good product page or a content page that leads them into a buying conclusion.

Here is a basic list of marketing tips to new and potential online customers to increase a better range of strategies necessary for a successful online marketing campaign.

• Study Your Competition
See what your competition looks like before starting your site and determine how your site can be a better option.

• Offer Value Added Content
If possible offer a page dedicated to related web links that complement your web site. These strategies give users another reason to come to your site and re-visit.

• Reduce Homepage Content
The first page of your site should be little more than your splash graphic, navigational controls and concise mission statement.

• Reduce disruptions
Make sure your message come through loud and clear. Stay way from intricate background graphics, blinking text or poorly contrasting text verses background colors.

• Refresh Content
Update your information and consider the value of today.

• Less is More
Keep your text content as short and to the point as possible on each page; many users do not scroll entire screens before they click to a new topic area.

The site should be able to tell you how to build a website from the ground up. Building a website is really not that hard, but a site with video tutorials makes it so much easier if you are just starting out.

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