Starting a Membership Site


The themes for starting a successful membership site are as varied today as...night and day, buying websites, trend based business ideas, selling insurance, fishing, support groups, investing, dating, health and fitness, internet marketing and numerous mentoring and training sites on almost every subject imaginable and probably many that you didn’t even think of.

It will require a good deal of effort and certainly the right script to set up a membership website but the rewards (financial as well as self satisfaction) can be vast. Whatever you are enthusiastic about or highly interested in can be the theme for your membership site.

During the infancy of the internet one of the first membership sites to arise was the match making or on-line dating service. When these on-line services first started they were mostly visited by people with less than honest or moral intentions. As the internet matured and grew these sites became more reputable as they were being frequented by a more ethical clientele. These membership sites have progressed enough as to offer pre-screening of members.

There are membership sites today that cover just about every aspect of human interest. Some offer informational or instructional material that is only accessible to site members. Some membership sites allow non members to access their sites but not participate in the on-line programs or post messages. Membership sites that provide training for example, can be viewed by non members but only members can enroll in the training.

There are membership sites that provide instruction on such things as how to play drums. The training is accessible only to those who have joined the membership. While those who have not joined can only view what lessons are being offered.

Membership sites usually accept payment for membership fees by credit card or by personal check, and these payments are usually reoccurring.

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