Managing Your Own Online Business & Making Substantial Amounts of Money Isn’t That Hard


What I like best about my online business is that it's easy to make money and I can work independently. I like being my own boss and setting my own hours. Sometimes I work during the day, but if the sun is out I might take off for a walk and work after dark. I can work from home or from a hotel in a foreign city. I'm the boss; I decide.

What I don't like about making money online is doing everything by myself. Don't get me wrong--I enjoy my own company and I especially like working in a quiet environment. But when I have a difficult decision to make, or when I don't understand something, or when I don't have the necessary skills, I wish I had someone to turn to.

It turns out there is a way to have it all, actually several ways. One way to make money online independently and also get help is to become a member or a partner in an organization that provides services. Some online business opportunities provide advertising services so you don't have to do your own marketing. This is a huge advantage because advertising takes specialized skills and is expensive to outsource.

Another way is to sign on with one of the online money making opportunities that give training. They train you on their products and systems and give you resource materials for future reference. Some even give you around the clock support in case you run into problems. So, if it's two o'clock in the morning and you're pulling your hair out, it's easy to get the help you need.

Teambuilding is another way to be your own boss but not be alone. Certain online business opportunities set you up as part of a team and you share the profits. I take part in a different type of teambuilding. I'll give you an example of how my teambuilding works. Let's say I'm a writer. I know I can make good money online if I contract with companies to write technical manuals. I've got the writing skills, but I don't understand the subject matter. So I team up with someone who knows this technical topic inside and out. We're on the same team; she can explain the technical aspects to me and make sure I've got it all right.

Using this same example, I have editing skills, but it's not the best idea to edit your own work. So, I add an editor to the team. My client wants me to design the format, cover, and graphics for this manual. I don't have the skills for this, so I add a graphic designer to the team.

In addition to me (the writer), the team now consists of a technical expert, an editor, and a designer. We've built a team not just for this project, but also for future projects. We have success working together and build up trust. The next time any one of us needs a partner for an online business project, we can turn to our team members.

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