Make Money With YouTube...The Right Way


Did you know that there is a right way and a wrong way to make money
with YouTube. Most people today are facing serious economic issues and our country is looking at the possibility of economic collapse. Yet there is hope. Video marketing is one of the most effective ways of getting the message of your product or business opportunity out there for millions to see. Using YouTube can be a very powerful way of accomplishing this..if it is done correctly. Allot of people think that getting tons of video views is the best way to make money on YouYube.

Some people even advocate going to websites where you can buy video views. This may make you look more popular on YouTube but does nothing for bringing in sales because the video views are fake. This is also against YouTube's policies and procedures and their Terms of Service (TOS) and if you get caught, can get your account suspended and can get you thrown off YouTube. This is something you do not want to do. Your credibility and your reputation as being a repected internet marketer is at stake here. People are gun shy enough with all the scam artists out there on the internet. These people prey on the uneducated, minorities and the working poor in America. People are struggling in today's economy just to get buy, pay their bills and keep food on the table.

Getting channel views rather than video views is better. The reason for this is because you can advertise your product or income opportunity on your YouTube Channel and actually put live links to your websites on that page. You can use it as a landing page to tell people a little about yourself and your business. This is a very effective marketing technique. Anything you can do to personalize your channel page will result in people beginning to trust you, and therefore do more business with you. Think of your YouTube channel as your own personal website. It is a place where you can present your marketing message to the world for FREE.

The goal here is to be able to generate leads and traffic to your main websites that house your products or business opportunities. Leads and traffic equate to customers and customers equate to money on the internet through sales. You can also use this as an effective way of building a list of repeat customers once people have purchased from you. These are just a couple of ways you can effectively use the power of YouTube to make more money online. You can use this money to start your own home based business or just earn cash income to pay water bills or pay electricity bills. With our economy in such a mess, we all need a little help on the war on poverty.

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