Increasing your Sales through Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization
is commonly referenced in discussions of online promotion and Inbound Marketing as a way to Increase Your Sales. Here’s why: SEO
is based on relevance and visibility. It’s all about being found on the web, and companies that are found, win. If your web site is as findable on the web as a needle in a haystack, then your online presence means little to nothing and your Inbound Marketing efforts will fail.

Search Engine Optimization operates on keywords, so do your research to figure out what terms and phrases relate to your company and embed it in your site’s content.

Search engines favor sites that don’t seem to be attempting to cheat the system, placing an excessive number of keywords. Think about the ratio of keywords to unique content, and keep the ratio low, in favor of unique content. Paragraphs of content densely packed with keywords signal to search engines that the web site is trying to force higher ranking, without actually having the content to back it.

But content isn’t the only thing that counts. Web sites use links. Today, most search engines (Google, Yahoo) use link popularity as a metric for rating web sites. Thus, the most-clicked are the highest up in searches. Page rank affects the position of your web site in search engine results, and therefore will greatly affect how much traffic is directed to your site. Many people don’t even go beyond the first page of a search engine’s results, finding enough information in the highest-rated results.

Those web sites that pop up on the first page of a search engine’s results? They have popular links, relevant and well-placed keywords, and have probably been linked to by other web sites and blogs.

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