Inbound Marketing and Social Media


What is Inbound Marketing and how can it be used to Increase Your Sales?
We’ve got the answers at this Boston Marketing Agency.

Inbound marketing refers to the efforts you put it in that drive customers to find you. Potential customers actively seek out experts in a field of interest. In order to position yourself as an expert, you need to set up your company as a crux for your industry that will attract people to your website naturally through search engines
, the blogosphere and social media sites.
Using social media sites is essential for effective inbound marketing. Here are some of our inbound marketing strategy suggestions
•Get started on a user-run Q&A site, such as LinkedIn Answers or Yahoo Answers. Answering industry-relevant questions will establish your credibility and get your name to potential customers.
•Answer pertinent questions Stop Dreaming Start Action on Twitter or LinkedIn. These sites are incredibly popular and users are constantly looking for other active users with important and credible information.
•Find appropriate social networking sites to join as well as groups in popular social networks, such as Facebook and LinkedIn. The discussions on these sites and in these groups are specialized and great networking tools.
•Use the timely and interesting information you find on these sites and blog about it! Original blog posts will help establish your authority. Post links to your website and blog on social networking sites to drive traffic.

Before you know it, you’ll be getting calls from customers all because you used Web 2.0 technologies to assert your expertise. Inbound marketing results in online lead generation because people are interested in hiring industry experts. Customers will want to come to you because of your knowledge and presence on the Web. Businesses that use inbound marketing tactics see significant increases in sales and business leads.

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