How To Make Your Network Marketing Home Business Work


Why is it that some people are very successful with their Network Marketing Home Business while others find it difficult to generate even small sums of money with their business?
This is a question that is often asked and could be discussed for hours but the fact is that it is dependent on consistency and using the 'one percent' rule.

This is a phrase used in sports by athletes that go the extra mile beating pain to gain that added advantage. If this factor were used in your network marketing business at a consistent rate, you will see amazing results.

Consistency In A Network Marketing Home Business

When you first start out in network marketing you are full of excitement and drive and promise yourself you will work hard and get serious. Then issues arise as the excitement starts to deplete and doubt creeps in and you feel "wait-this isn't as easy as I was lead to believe!"

At this point you need to remind yourself--this is a serious business and if you are not willing to put in the time and effort, you will not succeed. It is that simple. Anything worth achieving takes effort. There really is no free lunch.

Once you realize what is involved you may decide that this business is not for you. More than 90% of those starting out will go back to old habits and ultimately decide to quit. This usually occurs in the first three months. So how can you assure your success?

Tips to Maintaining Consistency

1. Hire the services of a mentor. This should not be your sponsor but someone you trust and respect and someone you would feel guilty about letting down. Arrange a slot each day, in the beginning, to talk with this person to share what you accomplished and what your goals for the new day will be.

2. Give yourself a goal and set specific hours when you will work each day. The time you allocate is your choice but it is recommended that you spend at least two hours each day.

3. It is tempting in a home based business to work whenever convenient. However, it is important to remember that you are the CEO as well as the staff so if you don't do the work it simply won't get done.

4. Keep your schedule and try to get away from all interruptions-especially the TV and the telephone.

5. Reward yourself for each goal you complete. This is important and you can decide on the reward but it needs to be something that excites you and motivates you to put in the effort in order to succeed.

Consistency will help you make steady contributions to your network marketing home business. Hiring a mentor is essential. This method can make a real difference as to whether you succeed or fail. Your mentor will help you face the hurdles you will face in the initial three months of your network marketing home based business.

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